Doka FRAMAX Xlife

Doka FRAMAX Xlife

Large-panel frame formwork for walls, columns and elevator shafts

Work with a crane.

FRAMAX Xlife – is a robust and easily movable crane wall formwork system used in large volume construction.

The number of system solutions is minimized, but this is enough to build walls of any configuration. The formwork design and materials for its manufacture ensure the durability of the system.

The deck has good adhesion to concrete and forms an ideal surface, as it has a plastic coating.

—Rigid connection with leveling locks: up to 40 m2 of formwork assembly – can be moved using a crane.
– The increased bending strength of the steel profile of the frame, withstands the pressure of the concrete mixture up to 60-80 kN / m2.
– The possibility of using large-panel elements allows you to more efficiently form formwork for large areas and reduce the number of concrete fillings.
– Easily and quickly mounted / dismantled structures for the construction of walls and elevator shafts, using special stripping angles.
– Completely galvanized steel profile of the frame, and high-quality plywood of the frame element allows you to get a smooth concrete surface with guarantee.