Smart Beam plus 20

Smart Beam plus 20

Durable formwork beam with welded end face made of polyurethane (PU) - made in Austria!

Available for sale on special order and in our stock

Form-on’s SmartBEAMplus 20P formwork captivates thanks to the brand new surfaced polyurethane (PU) butt. This beam meets the highest standards of quality and safety and is optimized for durable use in the formwork industry.

A beam with additional benefits for long-term and safe use on your site

Guaranteed load-bearing capacity when formworking floors and walls.

Longer Life Security & Certification Best Material Quality
Weld-on end face made of polyurethane (PU) guarantees the durability of the smartBEAMplus formwork beam. It protects it from moisture and splitting. Certified to EN 13377, the smartBEAMplus beam impresses with its guaranteed load-bearing capacity. The beam belts have been fully tested using the maximum allowable load, so you can be sure of its reliability when used on a construction site. Made from a 30 mm thick spruce timber formwork plate, the smartBEAMplus beam provides the necessary strength to formwork any concrete surface, whether it is formwork for floors or walls.

Wall h = 20 cm
Belt h = 4.0cm, b8.0cm

Torque (M) 5 kHm
Hardness (E x J) 450 kHm 2

Lateral force (Q) 11 kH
Tolerance EN 13377