15 years. SFORMA

A great job was done with a great team that represents the company’s core values well. We created a company with the main idea – to provide our customers with an excellent product and service.

Investments in the company’s employees, equipment (doka  formwork) and convenient service (transition to electronic document processing and other IT solutions) help to create a comfortable technological environment for the services we provide. Also, one of the main values of the company are employees, for whom we always try to create the best and best working conditions.

We are proud that the average working experience in our company is 8 years. We are for sustainable business!

In honor of the 15th anniversary, we decided to go karting and organized a championship for employees, where everyone got a lot of good emotions and the opportunity to communicate even more with each other. Of course, there were also many cups and medals with a small dose of champagne. We ended the evening in an excellent restaurant with pleasant congratulations and wishes to move forward and be among the best!

Happy anniversary SFORMA   🙂 2009 🙂