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Framax Xlife
our experience and advantage of formwork system
Non-standard monolithic object and our engineering solutions
Quickly erected powerful support scaffolding Staxo 100 and the advice of engineers “SFORMA”
TopTower60 support towers at high altitudes and a challenge to our engineers
Universal use of the Framax Xlife system
Staxo 100 and TopTower 100 in the construction of one of the many bridges with our cooperation

About us

Since 2009 in the Kaliningrad region Rental and sale of formwork from a leading European manufacturer Doka is the main activity of the groups of the company “SFORMA”.

The versatility and flexibility of our formwork systems will allow you to strictly control and minimize the risks at your construction sites.

The specialists of “SFORMA” will be happy to advise you, prepare drawings and plans for assembling formwork, guide you in choosing the most suitable formwork systems for you for a constructive solution to your construction project, and provide support in implementing complex projects.

At your service are qualified engineers of the group of companies “SFORMA” who have more than 10 years of experience with formwork systems and solving problems of their best use in the construction of facilities.

Our engineers for advanced training shares experiences with themselves and with foreign colleagues.
Trying to be closer to the client and show Him our engineering solutions as clearly as possible, we use programs such as Doka Tipos (3D formwork assembly program), AutoCad and others in our activities.

Our engineering solutions were used in the construction of many construction sites of the city of Kaliningrad and the region: wastewater treatment facilities in Kaliningrad, construction of bridges along the Primorsk Ring road, Europe Shopping Center (2nd part), various factories, residential high-rise buildings, sports complexes, schools and many another.

The engineers of the group “SFORMA” prepare all the necessary drawings for assembling formwork and non-standard solutions for your object.

During the work on your construction site, a responsible engineer of the company “SFORMA” is appointed, who accompanies your object: conducts training for employees, explains non-standard aspects of formwork assembly, ascertains the future stages of formwork assembly and provides drawings of other formwork assembly cycles.

The team of the company “SFORMA” will help solve your problems and apply reliable engineering solutions for future construction projects.


Rental and sale of formwork – this is the main activity of the company OOO “SFORMA”.

The versatility and flexibility of our formwork systems will allow you to strictly control and reduce the risks to a minimum at your construction sites.

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The group of companies “SFORMA” provides a wide range of services for construction companies working with monoliths.
Our experienced specialists will provide you with training in assembling formwork both at the facility and at our warehouse in the exposition center of formwork.
For each client, the engineers of the “SFORMA” will select the optimal formwork kit and provide all the necessary drawings for assembling the formwork.
Also, each object, if necessary, maintains and supervises an engineer of the company “SFORMA”.

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